Fr Nigel opened and dedicated the Library on Education Sunday, 24th January 2010.

There are all sorts of interesting books to make you think, laugh, cry or just enjoy.

Obviously there is a religious theme but the books are not all about religion.  The core of the Library was given to the church by Fr Bernard Mobbs and Fr David Jenkins but there have been many other donations.

The library is colour-coded to help you find something interesting and there is a list of books, divided into their sections.  The sections are:

Reference (not to be removed), Bible, Biography, Buildings, Children, History, Music, Society, Prayer and Theology.

There is an excellent children and toddlers section to help small people during Services or to borrow.  There is also a children’s teaching section which may prove helpful to teachers and to parents. 

We have 8 new Children’s books on display in the Library.  These can be taken out but please remember to sign them out in the book.

If you wish to borrow a book, please sign in the red ‘Borrowing Book’ in the Library.  You may borrow a book for a renewable two weeks and then put it in the ‘Returns’ box ad sign yourself out.  Overdue books will be charged at 10p per day – which will go towards buying new books!

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent books for 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2010 all by excellent authors, and ‘The Golden Age of Quaker Botanists’ (highly recommended by Alan Titchmarsh with excellent botanical paintings) are now on display in the Library available for loan.

New Books for the Library

We have three new books in our Library –

‘Encircling the Christian Year` by Barbara Mosse.
Liturgies and reflections for the seasons of the Church – an excellent resource for intercessors;  

`Creative Ideas for All-Age Church`  by Karen Bulley and  

`One generation from Extinction` by Mark Griffiths.
An excellent book on how the Church connects with the unchurched child. 

Please sign out in the usual way if you would like to borrow them.