Children and Families

Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus, we are suspending all our Children’s activities until further notice.   However ……..

We are very grateful to Margaret Neve, who runs our Sunday Club, that she has provided the following resources for you and your children to do:

Story and Talk together with children 30.3.20

flower sheet 30.3.20

create_water 30.3.20

-colouring-sheet 30.3.20

Children's sheet 30.3.20

These would have been discussed at Sunday Club on 29th March.

Updated: 30th March 2020

Our children’s activities are shown below – please make sure you scroll down to see what is happening:


takes place on all Sundays except when we have our monthly All Together Parish Eucharist: (Please see the dates for these on our ‘Services and Events’ page)

Our Sunday Club dates to August 2020:

Sunday Club dates 2020



Our ‘Monday Tots’  sessions are now suspended until further notice. 

Hopefully we will be back soon.

Wed, 18th March 2020