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Dear Friends,

As you appreciate, there is a real ambivalence about the whole subject of social media.

It is powerful in its immediacy and its influence for change, as it is powerful in its ability to be negative or destructive.  For the latter, I think of the terrible Facebook comments on the PCC’s legal obligations to care for our Churchyard graves and the families who continue to ignore their statutory obligations under Church Law.

For the former, I think of just one family’s influence to improve the rights of refugees living in the squalor of the so-called Calais ‘jungle’.  As witnessed in a powerful film shown recently in our Memorial Hall, some 6-7,000 people are still looking for a safe home, and governments on both sides of the Channel are still reluctant to turn this crippling tanker around – and choose mercy instead of indifference.

I believe passionately that an ‘Easter People’ should proclaim and live out an Easter Gospel – which believes in duty and service certainly, but also truth and justice. Sometimes here, there is no clear blue water, and no single, agreed response – but collectively, are we trying hard enough to make a difference to the children of God fighting off cruel seas of disadvantage and prejudice?

John Donne not only reminded us that “No man is an island”, but also that our religious outlook should speak volumes about our love for all humanity, and all God’s creatures.  Now is the time for people to step out of their insularity and build bridges of welcome for the rainbow children of God.

Mayfield and Five Ashes welcome Refugees!

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