nigel-no-beardWELCOME to our Website at the beginning of our new Christian Year: ADVENT!

We are excited about our first ever Angel ‘FEST’ to be opened at St Dunstan’s on December 1st at 7.30 p.m. by distinguished Portrait Artist, Daphne Todd, OBE.

It closes on Sunday 4th  with our SONGS OF PRAISE helped along by Mayfield Silver Band at 6.30p.m. Come and join us!

Our festival  is a brief, visual glimpse at how important angels are: to announce how we might change and grow before we hear again the Christmas tidings. We can so easily be distracted rather than be surprised by what it is God is asking and hoping for each of us in the year ahead? We can so easily be worn out before Christmas and Epiphany arrive as if to say we didn’t even notice the angels’ calling- cards!

Finding some space to listen to the Angels, attending to their Voices or just stopping to stand and stare for a while…could be an invitation to rediscover whom we worship and adore and, why. This beautiful season is an invitation to seek God’s beauty and, truth.


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