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WELCOME to our Church website!

The long-awaited Summer is here!

And it is a time for sport, fetes,
agricultural shows – you name it.
Our diaries are full to the brim with (mostly) healthy activity!

In the life of our Parish too, there is Poetry
(12th June), Bells and Teas  commemorating The Magna Carta (14th June),
Massed Brass Bands (4th July),
Our two choirs singing Evensong at Chichester Cathedral on the Feast of Mary Magdalene (22nd July), and in between there are Weddings, Meetings, Messy Church, and…

Church on Sundays!
All the details are here and we look forward to seeing

you because our worship together can help us to be more peaceful, and less
frenetic – to be still before our Creator God, quiet even, in all the hubbub
of our daily ’round’…..

And every weekday there is said evening prayer at 5.30pm in the Lady Chapel
at St Dunstan’s when psalms are said, readings listened to and simple
prayers offered.

Taste and see that the Lord is good in all that we do and,
all that we are called to be as, together, we enjoy God’s presence with us
and around us.


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