Fr Nigel beardA very happy Easter-tide to you all!
Church in either of our villages is the best place to sing our Alleluias so please do see when our times for worship and celebration are – and join us!

So many commercial Easter cards miss the point, don’t they? Ducks and daffodils, chocolate and all things nice doesn’t really match the wonderful Gospel stories of the Resurrection.  Whether it is Mary mistaking Jesus as the gardener, Thomas missing out on any of the ‘Risen sightings’, or the road to Emmaus where at first Jesus is not recognized –  his company is everything when His Spirit eventually dawns.

The Risen Christ always take the initiative and invites us to break bread together.  In other words, the Church makes Eucharist all these centuries later because Christ still calls us to know, love and follow him.  We need to take up the invitation and risk the pilgrimage which leads to a new way of life…of prayer, reflection, and contemplative action.

It is a different way of life to the one which only speaks about economic, health or educational ‘targets’ being met. Instead, let’s ask our politicians about the great (biblical) issues of justice,  freedom, fairness, and actually apply them to our own livelihoods, institutions and, neighbourhoods. Our Risen Lord cannot be contained by our Churches alone because his love is released to all the world and, every nationality, rich and poor.


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