WELCOME to our Church website.

We are sorry to report that our Web manager, Tony Donovan, died just before Christmas and, until now, we have been unable to update you in the usual way.

We remain indebted to Tony for starting us up and now is a good time for us to review the kind of‘online service’ we are providing.

I would be very pleased to hear your suggestions how we could improve or extend our parish news and outreach so please feel free to contact our Parish Office: stdunstan@tiscali.co.uk or come and see us in person at London House on the top floor. I would also be pleased if our own Parish groups represented here would also review their photos and information – and update them where necessary – sending new material to the Office, please.

I know that all Churches and Schools want to ‘display their wares’ and promote their strengths so much so that it could appear that we are all in competition with one another!  It sometimes looks like our consumerism, and the market place, is more important than the EPIPHANY of God-with-us.  We need to get the right Christian balance between ‘ cold information’ and ‘warm belonging’ – which, I think, means a sense of commitment to really belonging to a caring local community – in person, rather than (ironically) ‘online’. In that sense we are called to be ‘signs of contradiction’?

Come and see us any Sunday and be assured of a welcome that will last.

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