WELCOME to our Church website.

You will see the link to our separate Lenten leaflet by clicking on our ‘Services and Events’ page.  I would really encourage you to join one of our groups because the fellowship is as important as the learning ……

So much of what we do in the ‘big Church’ is passive and sometimes overly solemn.  Lent needn’t be like that!  To explore and deepen our faith is actually a challenge to, not only change ourselves, but also develop our vocation in the wider world.

I particularly commend our Lenten Charity to you (www.safepassage.org.uk) for which we are collecting old foreign coins and notes.  There is even a rumour that I will be doing a ‘sleep-out’ with a few others if there are some kind sponsors out there?  We need to think of this season as a creative time to convert hearts and minds and make a really big difference.

Come and see us any Sunday and be assured of a welcome that will last.

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