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The more so since I received an alarming warning by e-mail from ‘Premier Christian Media UK’ as follows:

“Between 1990 and 2020 the UK Church is predicted to have lost 1.1 million children from congregations.

     There are 3.4 million people under 18 on Facebook in the UK

8o% of churchgoers are reported not to read their Bibles between Sunday services.

     People spend an average of 3 hours 41 mins online every day

6.3% of the UK population attend church each week.

     74% of online adults are members of at least one social network

20% of UK churches are predicted to close their doors for good between 1980 and 2020.

     Over 300 million websites will be created this year.”

These scary headlines are of course advertising a series of seminars we are invited to join in London with (presumably) similar-minded people, who seem to be suggesting we need to be much more ‘digitally switched-on’ in our Christian ‘messaging’……

as if to suggest that we need to be creating ‘ a virtual Church’ which belongs not to a Parish or any given locality, and certainly not to any kind of Anglican sense of history or tradition!

What do you think? This website has real events and real people (sorry!) in two real, rural communities of Mayfield and Five Ashes in this corner of East Sussex. The challenge is as much to come away from our computers more, in order to taste and see Christian nurture, worship, and outreach in action, to taste and see that the Lord is good.

Happy days!

Best wishes,

Parish Priest