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In my Epiphany sermon I told people of the story of vocation from the creator of Blue Peter, Biddy Baxter who published a collection of some of the best letters she received from 50 years of the programme and I quoted from one such example: from a nine year old boy, Anthony, requesting his own list of “tools for cutting people open, tools for stitches, a model of a heart split in two halves….and instead of dismissing this as nonsense, Biddy responded by encouraging Anthony to seek information for his idea from his family doctor.

Anthony, now Professor of Rheumatology and Tissue Engineering at Bristol University, went on to pioneer the use of stem-cell technology in the treatment of arthritis! He believes that the whisper of encouragement that he gleaned from Biddy’s reply was ‘fundamental’ to his future. Blue Peter and Biddy Baxter, changed children’s lives.
Please click on the link below to see our Bishop’s New Year message. It isn’t altogether different from my own!
All of us need that same ‘whisper of encouragement’ to become the people of God made us to be – and our local Christian community must lead the way and live out the dreams and possibilities which, under God’s guidance, can transform our life together.

Best wishes,

Parish Priest