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I recently received the following communication which I would like to share with anyone viewing this page.  I think our Diocese of Chichester is doing a great job in trying to not only foster new vocations, but also to expand our understanding of their variety and the wonderful skills lay people can offer to the Church right now:

“I am writing this email to you, before the summer holidays kick-in, in order to explain the background to an event happening when we get back from our breaks.

On Saturday 30th September, from 10am till 4pm, at St Peter’s, Brighton, there will be a VOCATIONS DAY, led by the Diocesan Vocations Team.

From our experience it is absolutely clear that the single most effective means of ‘unlocking’ a potential vocation in a member of a congregation is a suggestion from the vicar. Many people come to us saying they’d had this niggling ‘feeling’ for some time, and it just wouldn’t go away. But it wasn’t until the vicar mentioned that they could see a ‘calling’ of some kind, that the person then felt confident enough to come forward. So, we are asking you to release the potential in your congregations!

The bottom line is that almost certainly you have at least ONE person in your congregation who you might think is being called to some form of ministry – be that licensed, ordained or authorised ministry of some kind, or some form of chaplaincy, spiritual direction, youth work, or pastoral help.

And so the challenge is this: can you please get at least ONE person from your congregation to sign-up to come along to the Vocations Day on 30th September?

Bishop Martin will open the Day, giving us his vision for ministry in the Diocese. And there’ll be:

  • a ‘free lunch’;
  • presentations on listening to God and the latest thoughts on ministry from the Church;
  • more information about the ‘Living Faith’ course;
  • workshops exploring ordained and lay ministries together with religious life;
  • representatives from many different forms of ministry;
  • people to speak to about training; and
  • above all, there’ll be opportunities to network, get more information, and meet others thinking similarly.

Please ask your ‘enquirer’ to sign-up on the link below by 16th September.


Thank you, and have a refreshing break.

Paul Redparth (Vocations Officer)”


Every blessing,

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