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At the start of our APCM back in April, I chose a non-biblical reading by the great spiritual writer and sage, Abbe de Tourville, to put us in the best place to begin our meeting and focus on the part each of us play in the life and mission of our Parish…

“Live ‘a la bonne franquette’, without ceremony, as St Francois de Sales used to say; by which he meant, do quite simply what you can, keeping within the limits of what you feel able to do.

Do the best you can, simply and promptly, according to your physical strength and the particular bent of your soul. That is all we have to do in this world, wherever or whatever we may be. It is with this that God creates holiness in us without our knowing anything about it.

We must follow our own path and not worry about the puddles into which we fall; otherwise we should never move on at all. The journey itself repairs the accidents into which it has led us; we dry ourselves, shake ourselves and on we go again. Tidy and timid travellers are never good travellers.”

In amongst the gloom and doom national statistics of church attendance or affiliation, this is wise advice for the many people (locally) who work so hard behind the scenes – not just for the Church’s survival but also, Her flourishing.

Every blessing,

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