Welcome to our Parish website of Mayfield and Five Ashes!

You can tell that the Season of Lent is near because the supermarkets are already enticing us to buy (Fairtrade?) Easter eggs!

There is something more fulfilling we can do if you click on our ‘Mission and Outreach’ section – where our Lenten programme invites you to deepen your experience of faith and discover something new in 2015….

It is not supposed to be a burden, but instead, an invitation to participate more fully in our Christian life together. Go and read St Mark’s Gospel in one go if you can…. before you think about our Lenten book this year!

Be different, be daring, find some time off to read, and think, and pray.
Most of all, be encouraged that great saints, like Benedict, have gone before us and shown us that following a ‘rule of life’ is actually exciting as well as challenging because the Way of the Cross is the Way that leads to the Life of Easter.

Please contact us about your pilgrimage and journey if you cannot join us in person!

Every blessing,

Parish Priest